Our individualized programs will enable you to lose those unwanted pounds, gain muscle,    strength and tone, along with improving your overall physical and mental health!


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Training hours 

Monday-Thursday 5am-9pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday by appointment.

Your Fit 'n Lean Personal Trainer Will Help You To:

  • ​Set your personal goals     
  • Assess your physical condition
  • Schedule a nutritional assessment 
  • Learn proper training techniques
  • Improve endurance, tone your muscle
  • Improve your health, ​both physical and mental
  • Gain muscle, lose fat, get in shape
  • Track changes and progress
  • Find motivation and feel better overall

Personal Training

At Fit 'n Lean, we offer a personalized training program for anyone and everyone. From the "I've never exercised before" to the "I want to compete". Our training is developed, for you, after your free assessment. There is NO one size fits all. Your goals, as well as other factors, are taken into account before training ever begins.  The functional exercise program that will be developed for you will help you transform both your body and your mind. Let's face it...most trainers just watch you exercise. Your Fit 'n Lean personal trainer will work with you, showing you correct posture and techniques. At Fit 'n Lean you will be challenged both physically and mentally. Your perceptions and preconceived ideas about exercise will be changed forever and YOU will have a new outlook.