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Our individualized programs will enable you to lose those unwanted pounds, gain muscle,    strength and tone, along with improving your overall physical and mental health!


"Fit 'n Lean is a great experience, with great staff. Courteous, helpful and
knowledgeable.  I train with Vikie, twice a week and followed her from a
different gym plus I stay after and do Zumba. I love the instructors and
each Zumba class is different and full of energy. Having a great time and
LOVE that I don't have to compete for equipment when I train.
~~Patti W.
"I am so grateful that Vikie and Lori have opened up this new studio.
I have worked with Vikie in the past and will continue to do for as
long as they'll have me. This is a great place with many opportunites."
​~~Stu H.

"Vikie is great, I've been following her for over two years. I've never
been able to workout this consistently without injury and have been
able to work through serious injuries due to Vikie and the program
she developed for me."
 ~~Ruth P.

"I never would've believed that I could feel so great after exercising. Aerial Yoga is fantastic! I feel like I can fly. I love these classes."
​~~Brittany T

"Personal training is something I always thought was for serious body builders. I train at Fit ' Lean and have come to believe that without them, I would have given up on finding the fitness level I am at. I will ALWAYS be glad that I made the choice to have a plan developed especially for me."
~~Mariah C.

"I was totally skeptical that Barre Core classes would help me. I have knee issues and had no flexibility before I started these classes. Not only am I much more flexible, I can actually do squats again. Tough class but I love it!"
~​~Karen W.