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Competition Posing Practice-May 2014


    Vikie has always loved to move. She has always had tons of energy and always looked for the next challenge. Put these together and you create a passion for exercise and an enduring love for fitness. Vikie  gets to move, expend all her energy and challenge herself everyday.

    As a little girl, she danced; ballet, tap, jazz, and gymnastics. Vikie   continued these activities through college. However,  in college she gained the typical freshman 15 pounds. As this happened, the exercise industry was beginning to emerge-perfect timing- she found her major...exercise. Vikie needed to lose weight and  already loved to move.  Next best thing...she got certified to teach aerobics while in college and went to graduate school and earned a masters in exercise physiology.

     As her passion grew, Vikie decided to venture into lifting weights. Vikie remembers starting with one machine at a time. The lat pulldown was the first machine she ever tried because it was closest to the aerobic floor. Eventually, she was doing every machine in the room. Clearly, not the right way to lift-very time consuming. This lead to certifications by NASM, ACE , and AFAA where she learned the correct way to lift.

   Naturally, the next step became competing. Vikie has competed in bodybuilding, fitness, and physique. Vikie  was entered into her first figure competition in May of 2014, where she placed fourth in her division. She has been somewhat successful and continues to learn and grow with each experience and is hoping to train competitors herself one day. Till then she will enjoy learning how to be a successful business owner!

             BE BOLD, FEEL FIERCE....you only live once!